Paid-for WordPress plugins that work

screenshot of Associated Posts plugin

Associated Posts paid-for plugin

Much of what WordPress does is available free of charge but some things are worth paying for. Two plugins I have paid for and in which I have seen the value are:

  • Anti-Spam by Cleantalk
  • Associated Post Pro by Dennis Hoppe.

Cleantalk is a spam filter for comments. It works much better than the standard Akismet – my website was getting swamped. Associated Post Pro allows you to append posts to specific pages by category or author (it does more than that but that is how I use it).

This means all journalism category posts go on the website’s journalism page, but all posts written by me go on my CV page too. Similarly all posts about production go on the production page but all posts written by Kate will also appear on her CV page. I have restricted the number showing to five, but you will also see the archive pages when we get to that number of posts.

Can pay, will pay

On I paid for the full version of the excellent All-in-One SEO pack by Michael Torbert but there was so little explanation of its additional functions that I have barely used them (some techy people are not great communicators). The basic version is excellent – Torbert claims it is the most downloaded WordPress plugin ever. It certainly works.

Where I have not paid to upgrade to a pro version or bought a special, paid-for plugin, I have often donated. Many WordPress developers reply on donations to fund their plugins and themes. If you use something and like it, send them £20.

I just paid £20 (well just over as it was $30) to the Mantra theme designer Cryout Creations.

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