Installing WordPress via Softaculous


[/cryout-button-color], CPanel hosting, with free domain name

I teach Build Your Own Website. I use WordPress, one of the most successful blogging platforms that is widely used as a commercial content management system (CMS) to run websites.

These are my latest two videos I created to help new users set up their hosted webspace to run WordPress and get their email working.

I have regularly used a firm call They offer a shared hosting services, where your website is on a server shared with others. This is cheap and for an entry-level website, works fine for 99% of the time (another site on the same sever may temporarily cause your email to be considered spam). The “Live Chat” function can usually help resolve any issues you may have.

I have successfully run my site there for years and several other sites.

Cheap but reliable

The current cost is £2.29 a month and they are throwing in a free domain name. Even if you pay for a domain, that still means you get your website hosted for less than £50 a year.

Here’s a video on how to install WordPress:

And here’s a video on how to set up your email accounts:

Links (new windows)

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