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Whatever senior editorial position you need filling, Wheal Associates can provide the right calibre staff.

Chris can edit, feature edit and news edit, while Kate can edit and act as chief sub or production editor.

Chris has run the freelance editorial team for trading app website This involved visiting Minsk and regular Skype calls, plus dealing with both SEO experts and technical trading and psychology gurus to correctly commission articles that worked for the site.

Chris managed the 10-strong UK team of highly experienced freelances via two mobile and computer apps: project management tool Wrike and discussion tool Slack. News shifts, with as many as four of the team on at any one time, were run through Slack, for example, with features commissioned via Wrike.

AOL Money website

Chris launched AOL Money

He was launch editor for AOL’s Daily Finance in the UK, running a team also consisting entirely of freelances. He later worked in AOL’s office to merge the website with Walletpop to create AOL Money, which he launched, before handing over to its first full-time staff editor.

Magazine editor

Chris has been editor of Insurance Times, where he launched the paper’s first conference daily, and editor of Property People. He also stood in as editor of Service Management for four months while the magazine was sold. He has edited two housing supplements for The Guardian.

Kate has edited specialist supplements for Building magazine and continues to produce standalone niche publications for membership organisations.

Chris and Kate specialise in turning round publications, whether in print or online, and are experienced in motivating freelances and staff to produce major improvements.

Chris has news- and feature-edited Post Magazine and was news editor when the publication changed format to the smaller, analysis-led magazine size. He has feature-edited Accountancy Age and news-edited Insurance Times before being asked to take over as editor.

The Guardian

Guardian Open Doors cover

The Guardian

In April 2004, Chris was asked to put together a housing recruitment supplement for The Guardian at short notice. He suggested the editorial content, commissioned and edited freelance contributions and wrote articles himself, including an interview with housing minister Keith Hill (new window), For the full supplement click on the front page (left).

The Guardian executive responsible said afterwards: “Everyone is delighted, I think it is one of the best that we have done”. And a senior editor said: “Congratulations on the housing supp. You certainly earned brownie points here (no fuss, delivered as per spec, on time and on message).”

Chris was a consultant to The Guardian on its key worker housing conference in May 2004.

Range of skills

We also have associates who can cover other positions, such as designer or art editor. And we can probably carry out the work in just a few days a week rather than full time, saving you money.

Why struggle without key staff or rush the recruitment process when you can have reliable interim staff filling your editorial gaps until you have selected the right person for the full-time position? Call us to discuss your specific needs.

Freelance editorial virtual office team available for remote working

Freelance editorial virtual office team available for remote working

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Chris Wheal’s latest editorial project,, is now visible worldwide and the app that funds our editorial work is downloadable from the UK app store. The editorial is provided by a team of (currently) eight UK freelance journalists. We operate through a Brighton-based agency, Lark, which handles the admin and Read more…


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